Welcome to Jiangsu Chenyang Electronics Co., Ltd.!
Expansion of business scope
1. In August 2017, the company has moved to a new factory area of 80000 square meters, and the target customers of well-known mobile phone brands will strive to achieve full coverage in the future
2. In addition to the mobile phone charger, the product line will strive to further increase the market share of Netcom power adapter, smart home adapter and various smart wireless product adapter
Increase of output value and regional branches
1. The sales target in 2019 is RMB 1.68 billion.
2. Increase the establishment of regional branches and enhance the strength of technical support and customer service.
The company's scale and automation have been improved
1. There are more than 3000 employees.
2. There are 15 fully automated production lines, and another 50 million yuan will be invested in automation equipment in 2019.
3. Expand overseas market share and implement overseas localized manufacturing. Manufacturing bases have been set up in India and Indonesia respectively. Indonesia has been put into production in January, and India plans to start mass production before July.
Improvement of management system and R & D technology
1. In order to expand the overseas market, serve more overseas customers, and fulfill the enterprise's commitment to employee safety, health, social environment and social responsibility, the company has applied for EICC electronic industry code of conduct and SA8000 social responsibility system certification in January.