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Product process engineer:

 Place of work: Jiangshu Economic Development Zone, huangtang Town, Danyang City recruitment: 1 minimum education: Junior College

Working years: more than one year salary: 6-8k

The company is committed to the development and production of automotive safety electronic and intelligent control electronic components. The main products of an Zhixin technology include keyless entry start system (peps), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), adaptive lamp system (AFS), network management module (CMM), 360 ° panoramic image, Bluetooth key system and other automotive safety intelligent electronic products.

Job responsibilities:

1. familiar with product process development process;

2. Working experience in product process planning and actual layout;

3. According to the production needs, select equipment and design related tooling.

Job requirements

1. Have a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous thinking;

2. College degree or above, major in electronics

3. At least 1 year working experience in electronic product assembly field;

4. Proficient in using AutoCAD, can carry out workshop layout planning and design;

Quality Supervisor:

Working place: Jiangshu Economic Development Zone, huangtang Town, Danyang City recruitment number: 2 working years: more than two years salary: 7-12k

Position information:

1. Customer feedback abnormal corresponding processing, bad countermeasures report;

2. Preparation of quality monthly meeting data;

3. Customer audit and supervision;

4. Supplier daily quality management

5. Reasonable allocation of department resources, ensure product quality, simplify cost saving

6. IPQC, IQC, oqc, FAE department construction and personnel management


1. College degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, be able to analyze problems independently and form written 8D report; 2 years or above quality management experience.

2. Familiar with the overall tracking and control of the quality in the production process (from incoming materials, manufacturing process, delivery), the analysis, statistics and improvement of product abnormalities, the establishment and determination of quality inspection standards.

3. Be able to develop appropriate testing process and testing management system.

4. Have good communication ability, can reach a consensus on quality issues with relevant departments.

5. Be able to use Excel word PPT and other office software skillfully.

Email address of the above recruitment resume: meng.xianghui @ azxtek.com

Hardware Engineer:

Location: Songjiang, Shanghai Recruitment: 5 minimum education: Bachelor degree

Working years: above 3-4, salary: 10-20K

Job description:

Under the leadership of the project manager, implement product software and hardware design, debugging and experiment; be responsible for PCB wiring; be responsible for providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support for the company's product customers; complete other tasks assigned by the project manager or department leaders

Work content:

Hardware module development, including but not limited to system process / document writing / test verification and analysis and other auxiliary development work, provide hardware technical support for software team and application team.

Requirements: love hardware design, diligent and pragmatic, good learning ability, solid professional foundation, strong practical ability.

Bluetooth Embedded Software Engineer:

Location: Songjiang, Shanghai Recruitment: 3 minimum education: Bachelor degree

Working years: more than 3-4 years salary: 10-30k

1. Responsible for ble SOC embedded software development, mainly based on NXP kw36 and Ti cc2640 platform, mainly responsible for Bluetooth module program;

2. Familiar with ble protocol is preferred


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or software;

2. Familiar with C language development;

3. One to two years working experience, ble SOC application development experience is preferred.

Structural engineer:

Location: Songjiang, Shanghai Recruitment: 1 minimum education: Bachelor degree

Working years: more than 3-4 years salary: 8-15k

Responsible for all structural design and verification of the company's products

Job responsibilities:

1. Draw product 2D drawing and product 3D drawing

2. Responsible for the release of mold opening instructions and DFM analysis

3. Responsible for the acceptance of mould and sample parts in each stage

4. Control and issue 2D and 3D drawings

5. Cooperate to complete the product parts inspection standard book

6. Cooperate with production department to complete fixture acceptance

7. Cooperate with project manager to submit PPAP data

8. Participate in product quality problem analysis and issue report

Email address of resume accepted for the above recruitment: azx@azxtek.com; song.haojie @ azxtek.com ;

Contact person: Mr. Zhang        Tel: 13952880460